Cool Campus Hero: Supply Chain Management, UC Berkeley

Sandy Macasieb and Alex Butler accepting the 2015 Sustainability Award on behalf of UC Berkeley’s Supply Chain Management team

UC Berkeley’s Sandy Macasieb and Alex Butler are examples of how everyone on campus can make a difference.

Through their work in UC Berkeley’s Supply Chain Management team, Sandy and Alex help the campus use less energy on a daily basis. The Supply Chain Management team received a 2015 Sustainability Award from the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability for integrating environmental sustainability within existing campus operations at UC Berkeley. The team has been working for several years to provide more tools to the campus to make better decisions about green purchasing. Their efforts have included researching new products, highlighting green products for buyers, and focusing on waste reduction efforts.

Old printer in your office or lab? Sandy and Alex manage a printer exchange program, and have removed over 100 older, inefficient printers from circulation – the oldest one was from 1997! They also worked on a similar program that subsidized the purchase of 65 Energy Star refrigerators and saved almost $5,000 in energy costs. They are also proactive in identifying new products that use less energy, including lab equipment for researchers across campus.

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