Cool Campus Hero: Alison Sanchirico, UC San Diego

Riding a bike, like UCSD’s Alison Sanchirico does every day, is just one simple way to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

UCSD Extension staff member Alison Sanchirico shows how much one person can do with easy changes to their everyday routine.

When we sent out a call for people across the University of California system to nominate Cool Campus Heroes, we got an enthusiastic nomination from staffer Ariel Chang for her coworker Alison who inspires her to be greener:

“Ali is literally the coolest person I know. Ali is full of knowledge on what is best practice on a daily basis and at work. She rides her bike to work every day even when the weather is a bit on the dangerous side. Ali reduces her carbon footprint not only by reducing her car usage, she do so by way of re-useable containers and materials among other things. Ali has introduced (by my request, really) me to various fun green gadgets such as the funny looking food huggers that eliminates the need for Ziploc bags for left overs.

“At work, she is also the one I look up to in the game of use-less-paper. In the short time I’ve known her, Ali has inspired and encouraged me to be greener than I already try to be myself. Ali is also the person who told me about the Staff Sustainability Network, where I am excited to be part of for all the great projects and ideas to create a better and more sustainable work place.”

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