Cool Campus Heroes: Grace Lihn and Leo Steinmetz

Grace Linh
Clark Kerr Garden co-founder Grace Lihn

Leo Steinmetz, a second year Physics major at UC Berkeley, kept seeing lots of empty land at the Clark Kerr campus and wanted to find a way to put it to use.

“A garden seemed the perfect thing to create,” said Steinmetz. Now educational workshops at the garden, drought-tolerant crops, and dry farming are helping students learn sustainable gardening practices.

Working to create the Clark Kerr garden from the ground up, his responsibilities include construction, budgeting, and the buying of supplies. His favorite experience with the project so far? “Seeing the sunflowers grown up after the summer break–a wonderful and absolute surprise.”

As the co-project lead on Clark Kerr Garden, Grace Lihn, a second year double-majoring in in Conservation & Resource Studies and Urban Studies, is responsible for community outreach, event planning, and “worrying about the survival of the newly-sown kale plants.” She began the project out of a love of gardening, and a desire to create a space for environmental education and community-building at Clark Kerr. One of her favorite aspects of the project thus far has been visiting other local community gardens and farms, such as Alemany Farm in SF: “We removed a fava bean crop with machetes–a truly unique project leader bonding experience.”

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